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Only the jokes page will be updated from time to time. South Africa has entered an era where all it's people are at war with themselves (mostly). The fear of getting to know and understand each other has mostly contributed to three classes of citizens - the old school whites who will always be racist, the blacks who adopted the stance of intense hatred for eveything white (or colonial) through political agendas and those in the middle who wants to rebuild this nation to it's full potential.

Humor is all we have left. From the majority to the minority we all shake our heads sometimes, but we still know how to laugh at ourselves most of the time.

Most of the material has been sourced from the internet and republished here for your enjoyment. If any copyright material has been re-published here by mistake, please feel free to contact the writer for credit or removal.

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Please note that this site is content rated and contain material that might offend more sensitive people. I am protected by the South African constitution on free speech and declare that I'm not a member of any right or left wing organisations seeking to destabilize nor disrupt the governing party of this country.

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The 1994 elections came as a shock to most white South Africans.

We got our "war" food together, joined the local neighbourhood watch, stocked up on ammunition and secured our homes. We had no idea what to expect and was scared of the "unknown". To top it all, we were by far in the minority and afraid of what was to come.

"Die swart gevaar" was upon us and there was nothing we could do about it. A new and exciting time awaited us. People left the country with ideas of observing from a safe distance. And once it's safe to come back, decide if it's worth it.

I'm pretty sure that most people (across all races) would've done the same if they could afford it, but alas.., someone had to stay behind! And that's just as well, because things did turn out pretty good during and after the elections.

Why then have this site? Pure frustration! There are more hands in the cookie jar, less money to honour election promises and dwindling infrastructure and services. Sure the whites are used to a better life in this country. With a black government in power, many more resources and the whole world behind them, why can't we all have the life that the "privileged" whites had before?

So this site was born. It provides not only up to date news about what's happening in South Africa, but is also a personal outlet for venting the frustrations that we live with in the new improved South Africa.

And that goes for all race groups (mostly).


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