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1 January 2014

So we've left 2013 behind. A year that was not kind to most of us.

The masses still don't know what happened to all the ANC promises of a prosperous life for all when in fact most of the working class is worse off than ten years ago. Yet they will either withhold their votes or continue voting for the ANC in the foreseeable future.

This is something that I never understood and try as I may, I still don't fully understand this. The only possible answer to this is the fact that the ANC was the only "really" active liberation organisation that they know with a Mandela that could lead the way out of their so-called oppression.

The other significant factor is the fact that (as with a minority of whites) most of the black masses were un-educated (and probably still is) and rural which left them un-exposed to what was really happening and still is. I maintain that give me a group of militant black men and they could start a revolution within weeks through sheer intimidation and spreading untruths. We've seen this being used as a tool by not only the ANC but also union bosses so many times in the past.
In any case, who wants to work if the government keeps on promising everything for nothing? The fallacy that white people "got" everything from the apartheid government is still being spread as the truth, and used as a tool for sweeping up the masses against the so-called white domination - even after twenty years of their so-called freedom.

I would've expected the new generation of black kids to have more sense than to be brainwashed by Malemas' newly formed EFF party but alas, they're still as stupid and easily intimidated as a hundred years ago.

In the meantime the ANC government is making it harder by the day for white businesses to survive. More restriction are put in place governing business than ever before with BEE on the front row of being a requirement for doing any sort of business. With this comes the new young black entrepreneurs who will partner with any business for a princely sum every month.

As with corrupt politicians and just about all government structures, this is no exception. An author of a well-known motivational e-business challenged me with the "are you going to keep using this as an excuse for not succeeding" phrase. But this is fact and not an excuse.

It is fact that the ANC government needs a lot of money to maintain their elite members' lifestyle. Second to that only is the country that they were elected to serve. From the extravagant to the poor is what I understand the biggest disparity in the world. But what did we really expect? Look at any African country - it's the same all over.

And the "people" are tired of this. Bribery and corruption have found it's way into all sectors of government. Why should the chosen few live it up and the rest must suffer? Yet, come the next elections and the ANC will get the most votes again. In spite of the Western Cape (under DA control) being the most well-run province in the country, the masses wants to strike, burn down offices, houses and farms, ransack businesses and cause general mayhem for the sake of showing the ANC that the people have the power. They don't care about the economy, they don't care about job losses (not at that stage) or short / long term repercussions. They only care about now.

The job landscape have changed dramatically over the past couple of years. If you're not happy with your employer you go on strike and force them to meet your demands. Everything is being demanded these days. I don't need to go into the numerous examples of this - there are plenty out there. Now I do understand this course of action when it comes to government employees though.

As with the so-called "freedom struggle" of the old ANC, it is time for a revolution. The difference here would be that we need to revolt as a nation and not as any individual groups. Militant racist blacks need to open their yes and get their priorities right before trying to take on those who built this country from clay and grass huts to what it was twenty years ago, without apartheid. The "we want" and "we demand" generation must get a life and find a job or work harder to deserved and earn a decent living. We need these vultures controlling our country and our resources out of the way. They're not here to serve us!

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