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11 January 2014

        There was a crooked man
        And he had a crooked style
        And he a had a crooked walk
        And a crooked little smile
        And his eyes were independent
        Even though they seemed quite dead
        And he had a little shower
        Perched on his misshapen head

        And he had a merry gang
        Who would do all that he asked
        Even blocking our poor Thuli
        In the work she had been tasked
        Does it need a crooked man
        To run so many crooked scams?
        When it seems all of the ANC
        Are silent as the lambs

        Even though they are the first
        To point out other peoples' faults
        They are running round and stuffing
        Lots of money into vaults
        They know the banks aren't safe
        Because they plan to nationalise
        And to put their money in those
        Institutions won't be wise

        So their money goes to Austria
        And Switzerland as well
        The toll roads are their pension
        While the country goes to hell
        They would rather rule a dungheap
        Than a pleasant happy land
        And the voters, oh the voters
        Put their heads deep in the sand

        They will make their mark as usual
        And then warn the ANC
        That they'd better fix things up
        Or there'll be trouble, wait and see
        So after the elections
        There'll be tyres all ablaze
        There'll be rubber bullets flying
        And an almond smelling haze

        As the cops deploy the teargas
        And the people choke and cry
        And the rubber turns to metal
        And the people fall and die
        But you know it's only five years
        Then they'll get another turn
        And the ANC will feed them
        While the cities slowly burn

        So there was a crooked man
        The world was quiet as a mouse
        While he went and spent more millions
        On his crooked little house

Thanks Glen

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