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Weekly Joke
  20 April 2005

This week a "good" letter written to a newspaper (Photi from Amanzimtoti) which I reproduced here for your pleasure.

My sincere apologies to the unfortunate previously disadvantaged soul for the incident when he accidentally broke my car window while he extended his hand asking for alms. In the heat of the moment I illegally jumped the red traffic light with you imploring my wife to share her cellphone with you.

I can assure you it was not my intention to train you for the Comrades, but since my wife so stubbornly held on to her handbag, I inadvertently failed to see your plight as I increased speed.

I do admire your resolve in trying to recover her worldly goods while hanging on with your arm being cut by broken glass. I promise you it was not with ill intent that I braked so violently. It was only to facilitate your recovering your footing.

It did flash through my mind that this may be classified as a road accident, and that I failed to stop and ascertain the extent of any injuries. In future I will keep this in mind and immediately reverse to reconnect with the other party. In some circles this may be seen as road rage. I can assure you I was not mad at all and smiled all the time.

In some quarters it may have racial undertones. I doubt that you had seen we were white before you greeted us. It was fortunate that I did not have my Peacemaker with me. I would have told you to make peace with your Maker.


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