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  4 August 2005

After the tragedy in New York, Washington (September 11th) and London, the question arises:

What Will Happen If South Africa Is Attacked?

Well...if that happens, there can be no comparison. That's because in S.A we are much better prepared for these kinds of attacks.

1. We do not construct exaggerated elevated high-rise buildings these days, only squatter camps.

2. We all get stuck in traffic in the morning, so at 8.45am the building would still be empty.

3. Firefighters and police officers will do their utmost not to get to the spot in time. They will reach there just when everything is over, so there will be no casualties among them.

4. Johannesburg International would surely have fouled up the terrorist's plans by delaying the plane.

5. A South African would never let a terrorist hijack a plane. He would beat him up, and send him back to where he came from. (Or use him for police dog training)

6. A South African would not have used his cell phone to call home, he will rather send "please call me". He would have hit the terrorist over the head with it then steal terrorist's weapons.

7.If a terrorist lived in South Africa for one year he would have been robbed and molested so many times that he would have given up and gone back home a long time ago....

You see...in South Africa, we are well prepared!

We are proudly South African!


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