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Weekly Joke
  10 November 2005

"Capey" joke

So one day, nê, these three ouens, they go to the barber, nê. A black ou, a white ou and a colored ou. So the black ou says to the barber, "Barber, Barber give me a TV haircut."

Nou weet julle wat is a TV haircut? A TV haircut, man! A TableMountain, man, A TableMountain. Die barber sê okay lekker, so he gives him a TV haircut.

Charges him R10, happy, daar gaat hy. So the white ou says to the barber, "Barber, barber, give me also a TV haircut." So the Barber also gives him a TV haircut. R10.

Happy is hy. Daar gaat hy. So the colored ou sê vir the barber, "Barber, barber, moenie so wees nie, give me also a TV haircut. Kom."
So the Barber gives him a TV haircut. R20. Daar gaat hy. He suddenly realises what happened so he says to the barber, "Why you charge me R20, charge them R10, R10?" The barber says, "The other two were black and white TVs, you're a coloured TV."

This is a real life exam of a Grade 5 (Std. 3) pupil.

Primary School Exam 1 of the second term

Write an essay on the following question: "What is a crocodile?" Use block letters and write legibly.


Date: Monday 22/05/2003


The crokodil is a specially built so long because the flatter the better swimmer. At the front of the crokodil is the head. The head exists almost only of teeth. Behind the crokodil the tail grows. Between the head and the tail is the crokodil. A crokodil without a tail is called a rotwieler. A crokodil's body is covered with handbag material. He can throw his tail off if he gets a fright but it doesn't happen much because a crokodil is scared of nothing. A crokodil stays under the water because if you were so ugly, you would also stay under the water.

It is good that a crokodil stays under the water, because a person gets such a big fright if a crokodil catches you that he first has to rinse you off before he can eat you. A crokodil isn't hardly as dangerous as people say he is, except if he catches you. The longer he bites you, the more it hurts. Very old crokodils suck their people and buck that they catch dead.

If you eat him, he is a crokosatie. A crokodil did not learn to swim with his arms so he uses his tail. The little brother of the crokodil is a lizard. The slow sister of the crokodil is a chameleon. The gay brother of the crokodil is a daffodil. And the crokodil also has a dead brother the frikkidel.

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