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Weekly Joke
  24 November 2005

Seems this month has been the month of the "Cape coloureds" (Bushies in the politically incorrect terms). South Africans will know what it's all about..

You might be a Bushie if u know the meaning of "pap 'n tik"....

You might be a Bushie if "chupa's, mandela's, rooi sherbet and tama-lie-kie" was considered a luxury....

You might be a Bushie if u used to tape frm Radio Metro on a 2 for R5-00 TDK cassette....

You might be a Bushie if u invested in that moerse bottle of hair gel that the whole family could use...

You might be a bushie if you show up late for almost everything EXCEPT when entry to the "club" is FREE before 11:00 PM.

You might be a bushie if call an older person you've never met before 'uncle' or 'aunty.'

You might be a bushie if you have an annoying nickname.

You might be a bushie if at least one of your family members is a teacher

You might be a bushie if you have a party for a one-year old, and there is more adults than children

You might be a bushie if you drink to drown your sorrows, you drink to celebrate your good times and when it's quiet, you drink to MAKE something happen!

You might be a bushie...if you calculate money owed to you in terms of cases of beer. (example: "That ou owes me R200...that's a whole 2 cases...maader!!")

YOU ARE A BUSHIE if you got a shot of Jack in one hand and a shot of rum in the other and you fall kak hard down a flight of stairs without spilling a drop

you might be a bushy if you go to a family party and all the parents are having a better time than the adolescence

You might be a bushie if you know what "glades" are and you know what it means when your hair has "gone home"...

This one works on my nerves! You must be a bushie if its ok to go shopping, visit neighbours or whoever and driving around town wearing hair rollers!

You a bushie if you a sweeper! (Definition of a sweeper: A person rushing for left overs of lunch at a office meeting that you did not attend; wedding or funeral when you don't even know the people etc etc).
Sometime leftovers could be a potchie jem!

You might be a Bushie if you have a uncle who always dress like an O.G (old gangsta ) and uses phrases like "Tigers don't cry my laaitie !"

You might be a Bushie if youve had pickled fish on Good Friday every year since you were a baby.

You might be a Bushie if you knew the words to all the Manhattan, Temptations etc. songs by the age of six.

If ever you played a game called Kieriemeke ,KING ,rounders, denne...you're a Bushie

You might be a bushie if your family only gets to get together at funerals and weddings and vow to keep in touch after that and then get together... at the next wedding or funeral.

You might be a bushie if the family gets together and theres one uncle/cousin who is always in a rollery with another family member, but everybody smaaks him because he makes all the jokes.

You might be a bushie if your sunday lunch consists of, roast (with potatoes), curry, boiled vegetables, rice, pumpkin, lettuce salad (all encompassing - could be greek or french...whatever), some salad with mint (and don't tell me mint sauce, been chowing this for years with chillies, and the boere only chow it with lamb anyway), some salad with mayo (potato or coleslaw) and it's perfectly normal. In fact, if anythings missing it's wierd.

You might be a bushie if you with some family members and one of the senior members gets dronk and feels this a good time to toets YOUR new car.

You might be a Bushie if, you've ever uttered the words "Hol hom in masenes!"

You might be a Bushie if you ever referred to sex as "eps-keleps".

You might be a Bushie if anyone in your family has ever removed their two front teeth as a feshun statement.

You might be a Bushie if the sound and mags on your car is worth more than the car itself.

I'm sure you get the picture.

And just to show that we can laugh at ourselves as well...

Naas Botha's dogs

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