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Weekly Joke
  2 December 2005

Frik and Koos worked together and both were laid off, so they went to the unemployment office. When they asked his occupation Frik said: PANTY STITCHER, I sew the elastic onto cotton panties.

The clerk looked up PANTY STITCHER. Finding it to be unskilled labour, she gave him R300 a week unemployment pay. Then Koos was asked his occupation. "DIESELFITTER" he replied. Since diesel fitter was a SKILLED job, the clerk gave Koos R600 a week unemployment pay.

When Frik found out he was furious. He stormed back to the unemployment office to find out why his friend and co-worker was collecting double his pay.

The clerk explained that a "PANTY STITCHER" was unskilled labour, whereas a "DIESEL FITTER" was skilled labour.

"WHAT SKILL??" Yelled Frik, "I sew the elastic onto the panties and then Koos puts them over his head and says: 'deeswill fit her!!!"


Megalomaniac Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe is rather upset by his travel ban to the European Union and the latest sanctions against his "government" by the USA since his most recent rigged election.

So Bob decides to go and visit his n'anga (witch doctor).

He looks at the n'anga and says, "I want some muti that will tell me how to ensure my victory over the neo-colonialists and their deluded black lackey filthy columnists who think that because they are a majority they can vote for whom they like."

The n'anga says, "I am throwing the bones and the spirit of our ancestors was to be talking with me."

So Bob says, "How am I to determine the way forward in this, with the various infrastructures and role players and stake holders who must conform to the greater government vision for the masses?"

The n'anga replies, "Comrade President, please be removing the trousers and the underpants now."

Bob obliges.

"Now I am wanting you to place this mirror between your knees and go into a crouching position."

Bob obliges.

The n'anga asks, "And, looking in the mirror, what are you seeing?"

Bob replies, "I am seeing my arse."

And the n'anga says, "Get used to it, Comrade President!"

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