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Weekly Joke
  22 December 2005

Herby has been sending me plenty of SA jokes - here's one of his gems :

Two farmers from Vryheid were debating about whether having sex is hard work or pleasure, and they couldn't come up with one answer.

One of them decided to call Sipho and asked him the question, "Is sex pleasure or hard work?"

After thinking deeply about this, Sipho replied "Sex is pleasure, Baas."

The farmer asked Sipho why he said so.

Sipho responded, "Eish, Baas, if sex was hard work you would have asked me to do it for you!"

And then there's Miles & Hartley. Very talented artists who started a typical South African "farmer" joke site. Anyone with ideas (humor) which they can convert to a comic strip, please feel free to contact them from their site -

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