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Weekly Joke
25 May 2006

This week we take it out on Steve Hofmeyr - and you thought Chuck Norris was the man!

Steve Hofmeyr once sakkied with 10 boere Poppies at once

Steve Hofmeyr drives a Tata

Steve Hofmeyr braai's with his fingers......

Steve Hofmeyr doesn't support the Bulls, the Bulls support Steve Hofmeyr

When Steve Hofmeyr stares at raw meat, it turns to biltong

Bless Bridges didn't die in a car crash Steve Hofmeyr beat him to death with a red rose

Steve Hofmeyr doesn't keep a comb in his sock

Morkels gives Steve Hofmeyr any guarantee he wants...

Not even Chuck Norris gets as many fathers day cards as Steve Hofmeyr

Steve Hofmeyr sent Mandela to jail…….. he also freed him

Steve Hofmeyr cannot count…....he doesn't need to.......

Klipdrift is actually Steve Hofmeyr's urine…….hence one gets pissed upon consuming it

Steve Hofmeyr once looked at a loaf of bread; it pissed itself in terror and turned into a Koeksister........

Steve Hofmeyr is the only man alive to turn down Patricia Lewis

Osama Binladen and Steve Hofmeyr have the same amount of letters in both their names......coincidence, I think not!

Steve Hofmeyr inspired Neil Diamond to do a cover of Pampoen

Steve Hofmeyr knows the words to Nkosi Sikelele

Steve Hofmeyer knows where the Kruger rands are

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