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Weekly Joke
1 June 2006
One day Meraai wanted to bake a cake, but she ran out of eggs. So she went to her usual grocery store in the dorp where she lived. As she walked in, the owner, Gatiep, was there and she asked him for a dozen eggs. She went back home and baked the cake. To her surprise the eggs were rotten, so she went back to the store and this time Gatiep wasn't there, but his wife, Sera was there. Meraai approached the lady and said "Weet jy, jou man het vrot eiers?"

Sera, obviously shocked and upset said "Hoe weet jy my man het vrot eiers!?"

Meraai replied, "Kom ruik my koek!"


Net soos in die tyd van die Voortrekkers, het ek en my swaer, Jan, ystervarke en stinkmuishonde gaan jag met die dubbelloop-haelgeweer.

Uiteindelik sien my swaer Jan 'n stinkmuishond, sit 'n patroon in die loop, lê aan, trek los en daar lê die stinkmuishond, bene in die lug.

Net toe ons nader kom ruik ons hoe die stinkmuishond stink en hardloop weg. My voet haak toe vas aan die wortel van 'n boom, ek slaan neer en breek my sleutelbeen.

By die hoofpad uitgekom, staan daar 'n ou met 'n pap wiel. Hy vra toe of ons weet waar hy 'n motorhawe kan kry om lug vir die agterwiel te bekom.

Van pure moedeloosheid bly sit ons net daar langs die pad.


Just as in the time of the Frontpullers, me and my heavy, John, went to shoot iron pigs and stink-mice-dogs with a dubble-walk-hailgun. At last my heavy John saw a stink-mouse-dog, sits a pattern in the walk, lies
on, pulls loose and there lies the stink-mouse-dog, bones in the air.

Just as us come close, us smelt how the stink-mouse-dog stinks and runs away quick. My foot hooks fast to the carrot of a tree, I fall down and breaks my keybone.

As we came to the chiefroad, there stand an old with a porridge wheel. He asks if us knows where he can get a motorharbour to get some sky for his afterwheel.

From pure motherlessness stays us sits just there next to the road.


Little Jabu goes into the kitchen, where his mom is baking..
He puts his hand in the flour, and wipes it all over his face! "Look, Mamma! I em a WHITE boy!" His mom SLAPS him in the face, and tells him to go show his father..
He goes to his father in the living room, and says: "Look, Pappa! I em a WHITE boy!" His father SLAPS him HARD in the face, and tells him to go show his grandmother.. The boy goes to his grandmother's room, and
says: "Look, Gogo! I em a WHITE boy!" His grandmother DONNERS him in the face, and sends him back to his mother.. His mother taps her foot, and asks him: "Now, Jabu! Tell me.. Did you LEN something from THAT, heh?" "I deed LEN something, Mamma.." replies Jabu, "I hev only been White for 5 minutes, end ALREADY I hate you black PEOPLES.."

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