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Weekly Joke
16 July 2006
There is an Englishman and an Afrikaner sitting in a bar in Cape Town.
The Afrikaner says to the Englishman "Tell me, Tell me -  what has the Blackman done for this Country!"
The Englishman says to the Afrikaner -
" You know when the English were in control of South Africa we built up this Country to a very high standard".
The Afrikaner says -
"Ja,  Ja, - we know all about the railway infrastructure, Cecil John Rhodes and so on".   "But answer my question man! - what has the Blackman truly achieved for this Country?".  "If you can answer that I will buy all your drinks in this bar".
"When we were in control" says the Afrikaner, "we built up this Country to make it one of the finest in the world and regulated it so that everybody knew exactly what they could or should not do"
The Englishman, thinks about the free drinks, and then replies-
"You know what I love so much about the Blackman in this beloved Country of his".  (Pause)  "He is working and working and working so hard all the time".
"Working so hard!" screams the Afrikaner.
"Yes" - says the Englishman -  "by having to smash it all down, and put it back to the way it was before the Europeans arrived".
(The Afrikaner fell off his bar stool).

Ever wondered why South Africa is absolutely useless in football?

Bashin Mahlangu

Interviewer: Bashin, how do you feel about scoring such a beautiful goal?

Mahlangu: I feel immediately!!!

Lesley Manyathela (RIP)
(This was an interview to get to know more about the player after an extended period of rich form)

Interviewer: So Lesley, tell us about your family.

Manyathela: I have one KIDS. I also have two brothers: There is one in front of me and one behind me.

Bhele Nomvete
(This interview was conducted after a match on Bhele's birthday.)

Interviewer: Firstly, Bhele we'd just like to wish you a happy birthday.

Nomvete: Thank you, thank you, same to you!

Interviewer: Steve, you seem to have hit such a rich vein of form. You also seem a lot fitter. What is your secret?

Lekoelea: In the morning I get up and I run away.

Steve Lekoelea

Interviewer: Steve, you have just played an amazing game to help Pirates win. Where to from here?
Lekoelea: I am going home.

Jabu Pule
Interviewer: Jabu, who do you think will host the 2010 soccer bid?
Jabu: Marks Maponyane

Peter Ndlovu (Zimbabwe)

Interviewer: Peter, those were three beautiful babies you put away behind the net. How do you feel?

Peter: Aah, I am so ashamed, I just don't like it when these woman tell the whole world.

Siyabonga Nomvete

Interviewer : Siyabonga, you really seemed to enjoy the game?

Nomvete : Yes, the game was very much delicious.

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