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Weekly Joke
  15 October 2006

This week a new video clip. Robin Williams does "Africa".

Beck - not the front
Beds - doves, vultures, etc.
Ben - to set alight
Cut - a small vehicle drawn by a donkey
Errors - districts, e.g. "Ebbon errors" (urban areas)
Feather - Cape Town is feather than Johannesburg
Guddin - around your house, where you grow plants
Get - a hinged opening in a fence
Hair - as opposed to him
Hiss - masculine form of hairs
Itch - as in "itch and aviary pairsin"
Kennel - Army officer
Len - to acquire knowledge
Pee-Pull - Die Mense / people
Phlegm - the hot part at the end of a candle
Piss - symbolised by white doves
Suffa-Ring - as in "the pee-pull are suffa-ring"
Parrot Teksi - not a mamba of the teksi assoseshen
Toks - Negotiations
Weaner - the weaner takes all
Wekkas - they do the wek
Weld - The Earth

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South Africa

Africa is a continent of valuable resources, from large reserves of oil, to minerals such as diamonds and gold; it is also home to an incredible variety of wild animals, plants, and trees. Yet Africa is also a continent with many problems. African countries are among the world's poorest--in fact, 32 of the world's poorest 44 countries are African.

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