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12 December 2006

A colored being baptized!

A coloured drunk man walking past a river sees a priest baptizing his people and decides to go for a baptism. The priest baptizes his people by dunking their heads into the water and asks, "Have you seen Jesus?"
The people respond "Yes, I've seen Jesus". When it was the drunkard's turn, the priest dunked his head into the water and pulled him out and asked him "Have you seen Jesus?" He said no, so the priest put his head back into the water for a few more seconds and again asked "Have you seen Jesus?" The drunkard replied "No old man." Angrily, the priest dunked his head for a much longer time and pulled the drunkard's head out and asked him "Have you seen Jesus?"  The drunkard replied, "Ek sê my broe,........... are you sure he fell into  this river?"

And then, the future of hotels in South Africa? These photos were taken in Alexandra (Jo'burg) -

hotel1 hotel2hotel3



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