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9 June 2008


Philemon had a bad attendance record with the company he worked for, particularly being late for work in the morning. He was called to a disciplinary hearing where he was given a chance to explain his reasons. His argument: "I get up in the morning. I shower to avoid Aids, I look in the mirror and try tuh straiten my hair. Then I sumtimes miss de texi and then I am late." His boss has a bright idea. He gets one of Philemon's colleagues to sneak into Philemon's rooms and steal the mirror off the wall, without Philemon's knowledge.

The following day Philemon does not turn up for work. The same happens the day after that. So Philemon gets summoned to another hearing to explain his reasons for not attending work. His argument: "I get up in de morning. I shower to avoid Aids, I look in de mirror. I see no Philemon.  I think Philemon alredy left for work..

Yes, you can overload a Toyota - this taken in Alberton :

Toyota carwash

Bushveld carwash..

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