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28 July 2009

When something good happens, we drink to celebrate...  
When something bad happens,  we drink to forget!
When nothing happens.........we drink........ so that something does happen.
We can't go on like this people............. Can we meet for drinks later so we can talk about this

After a while living on the East Rand, I love it so much that I wanted to share my photos with you. See how lovely an area this is. Why would anybody ever want to leave? I mean, WHY?




This is Sipho Van Staden with his work colleagues in Germiston. He recently moved to the East Rand from Polokwane to find his father, Eugene Pretorius Terre'Blanche De Wet Van Staden, 23 years after he decided to allow the maid to do "special overtime" one night. His father gave him R1000 to leave but he loved the area too much. He spent the money on some really cool clothes as you can see.




This is a photo from the garden in the local bar in Boksburg. The main shot is of local beauty queen Barbie Du Plessis. She's a real catch and all the guys in the bar love her. And she really loves them.




This is a holiday snap from when the guys in Wychwood decided to be original and visit Durban last December. Once arrived, they promptly changed their flags to "Blue Bulls" and complained about how much better it is back home in the East Rand.




This is a picture of Benoni stud, Frikkie Van Der Merwe. He is so happy because he went to the hairdresser and got the latest fashionable mullet. His mom and his sister are the same person. But he's happy because that saves getting two lots of birthday presents. He loves his mom very much. They have a "very close relationship".




Here we have the local township. We in the East Rand are privileged to have one on almost every corner in every suburb. We're happy to welcome them to our towns. And they love us, because their settlements grow every week. Our kids cough with delight as their filth causes them asthma. How we love it when they play music loud and the whole town lies awake because of it, and they are such a festive bunch when they toyi-toyi in the High Street. Amandla to you too!



 Do please come and visit us. We have lovely hotels with world-class facilities. This is the Chelsea Hotel. It has airconditioning (broken windows), security (the door generally has a lock) and plenty of friends to welcome you (rats). Smell our fresh air (leaking sewers and petrol fumes) as you engage in exciting activities (going up the road and returning without being shot). Not to mention the live entertainment (plenty of hookers for everybody).


 Our public transport system is safe, reliable and the envy of the world.

 And last but not least…



Upon arrival we always greet you with a friendly welcome. This is our local Chippendale dancer, Kobus De La Rey. He is very lucky, he could have five possible fathers.





Thanks Giselle & Matt


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