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30 September 2011

Introducing: The Malema Bond from ABSA!

Do you earn R20 000 per month?

Apply for your Malema Bond today.

You now qualify for a bond of R19 000 000.

You can buy a house for R3 000 000, tear it down and build another one for R16 000 000 -- all on a salary of R20 000 per month!!

But wait there's more -- ABSA will even throw in another two properties and a farm!

This is brilliant, because it means if you earn R4 000 per month you can now buy a property worth up to R4 000 000!

Go to ABSA today and apply for the Malema Bond and you will soon be sipping cocktails in your new mansion overlooking the sea.

Terms and conditions apply

One tender, one house policy

"Bastards and bloody agents" don't qualify,


 Thanks Glen


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