Recently woman about 65 years old, was out shopping. When she returned to her car, there were 4 black men sitting in it.

Being the kind of feisty woman who packs a gun for emergencies, she whipped out her piece and yelled "I know how to use it and I'm quite prepared to. Get out!"

The men were scared witless and bailed. The woman then got into the car and to her confusion, the key wouldn't fit in the ignition. Wrong car. Not hers. Ooops! Realising her little faux pas, she thought she'd better report her mistake at the Hermanus Police Station.

When she told the officer on duty the story, he wet himself laughing and when he could speak again, he pointed at the 4 terrified black men sitting at the other end of the room.
Four men who'd just reported being hijacked by an elderly white lady!


(Thanks Andrea)

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