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Weekly Joke
4 July 2006
If Bands had Afrikaans names...

1. Bananarama - Piesangmargarine
2. Joan Armatrading - Johanna Wapenhandelaar
3. Johnny Rotten & the Sex Pistols - Jannie Vrot en die Pomp Revolwers
4. Iron Maiden - Yster Sussie
5. Ladysmith Black Mambaso - Mevrou Smit se Swart Mambas
6. Four Jacks and a Jill - Vier Latte en 'n Platte
7. Queen - Moffie
8. Frankie goes to Hollywood - Frikkie gaan fliek toe
9. Ace of Base - Baas se As
10. Meatloaf - Vleisrol
11. Spice Girls - Aromat Slette
12. Simple Minds - Dofkoppe
13. Hughie Lewis and the news - Louis Luyt in die nuus
14. Mariah Carey - Meraai se Kerrie
15. Smashing Pumpkins - Plategemoerde Pampoene

And the full impact of our ever increasing fuel price can even be seen in Zimbabwe -

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