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The Weekly update to life in post-apartheid South Africa.

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Video Clips

Robin Williams does Africa.

Sound clips
Escom customer outrage - Afrikaans Part 1 (1MB) & Part 2 (3.3MB)
How to speak English with an Afrikaans accent (.3MB)
The "Gravy Plane" song. (.3MB) Politicians on holiday.
Michael Naiker talks about his car (.6MB)
Michael Naiker wants to become a Jew (1.8MB) PG
Michael Naiker wants to join the AWB. (1.4MB)
Snotklap (2MB) Want one?
The Zuma song # 1 (MP3 - 1.7MB) Zuma on Aids.
The Zuma song # 2 (MP3 - 3.15MB) courtesy 94.7
Koos Kombuis - sentiments about the new South Africa (1.8MB) PG
eWindows (.3MB) MS Windows for South Africa.


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