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Mugabe Jokes Index

Morphing Mugabe 1 Elections 3 SA & Mugabe 1
Morphing Mugabe 2 Elections 4 SA & Mugabe 2
Elections 1 - The media bill Landgrabbing - the reason. Mugabe Movie posters (from the creator)
Elections 2 Definition of the word "tragedy".   The chauffeur and the pig.
What does it say? Actual fuel queues - no joke! SA's 'quiet' diplomacy (supporting Mugabe).
The reason behind the 'landgrabbing' policy. The soccer worldcup? Mugabe kidnapped & with the Devil
The value of a Zim Dollar. Fuel shortages S.A.s helping hand.
Zim boy buying a bread. New currency. 2008 Elections - goodbye!
2008 Elections - Zapiro 2008 Elections - Zapiro Bob & Mbeki with wallpaper!
"They told me to.."