One cannot be serious about hosting the 2004 Olympics in Cape Town! Imagine the headlines in the Press:
Ethiopian pole vaulter still missing after strong South Easter
Gangsters protest against refusal to participate in shooting event
Athlete mugged while carrying Olympic torch
Vagrant tries to enter discus event with hubcap
Burning taxi on Signal Hill to be Olympic flame
Caterers strike at Olympic village
Gold medals lost in security scam
Olympic trains delayed due to cable theft
Important Olympic documents lost in
Sam Shilowa claims games a capitalist plot
30% petrol price increase upsets Olympic budget
S.A.wins gold, silver and bronze in Toyi-Toyi event
2000 Rapists and murderers released for Olympic goodwill
Squatters occupy Olympic village
Stadium cleared of sheep and goats before events
Starting gun kills sprinter
Olympic bus delayed on M2 after hitting cow
Olympic bus sprayed with gun fire ??)
Minister blames apartheid for chaos
Boesak appointed trustee of Olympic fund
Olympic games delayed - Zuma tests athletes for steroids
Winnie Mandela to referee men's boxing
Starting pistols stolen, replaced with A.K. 47's
Gymnast crushed in taxi carrying 23 athletes.
COSATU complains Swedish medallist was not black.

(Thanks Ivan)

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