Van was on a lekker holiday in Durbs. One day he heard from his friends that there was a fancy dress ball, and he could go. The dress theme was to symbolize a country.

Unsure what to do, he hid in a bush outside the hall and watched what was going on. A woman arrived scantily dressed in a few feathers. When the doorman asked what country she was she said "Turkey", so he said, "Feathers, Turkey, OK you can go in". Another beautiful and shapely woman arrived clad only in a "G" string, her body smeared with oil. She said she was Iran.
"Oil, Iran." OK go in. So then Van sauntered up to the door naked except for
a brown paper packet placed over his manhood and said he was from Pakistan.
The doorman could not understand and asked Van to explain:

"Bring daardie twee meisies uit, dan sal jy sien hoe hierdie pakkie staan!!!"


"The Sounds of Violence"

Hello darkness my old friend
You've come to rob me once again
I hear your footsteps softly creeping
Through my house as I lie sleeping
And the brick you used to smash my windowpane Still remains
Within in the sounds of sirens. (SOUND EFFECT OF SIREN)

In restless streets I walked alone
They stole my car I can't get home
'Neath the halo of a old street lamp
They grabbed my wallet by the AutoBank
When I was stabbed by a gangster and a couple of his pals It split my skull
I heard the sounds of sirens (SOUND EFFECTS OF POLICE SIREN)
And in the naked light I saw
Just one Konstabel not one more
He shouted, "Freeze! This is the law speaking!"
They broke his kakebeen without listening
People running loose 'cause they been released on bail No place in jail
Amidst the sounds of sirens (SOUND EFFECTS OF MIXTURES OF SIRENS)

Why they do it I don't know
Violence like a cancer grows
Hear my words that I might teach you
Take my T.V. and my radio
But a life is a sacred thing my Bru
It's given once...
Don't let it echo... (GUNSHOT FOLLOWED BY SHRIEK)

And in the naked light I saw
A shadow moved across my door
I walked quietly and klapped him once
It was the Outjie from Armed Response
Ag sorry,' I said as he fell down on his head
My face was red
Reflected in the Sounds of Sirens

Author : Unknown

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