The New Republic of South Africa Examinations

KwaZulu Examination Authority


Time allowed: Negotiable.

JUNE 2003


Examination Instructions

1.      Please, write all answers between the lines.

2.      No part of this answer book may be rolled and smoked.

3.      No children of students are allowed to participate.

4.      Please leave all firearms in possession of parole officers.

5.      Bribes will be accepted at a minimum of R300.00

6.      If this exam does not match the one that you bought in Advance please notify the examiner.

7.      The shebeen will be open for thirst quenchers during the examination.


Philemon has an AK47 with 2 magazines taped together, each holding 75 rounds. If he misses 8 out of 10 shots, how many drive-by taxi shootings can he attempt before having to reload?




Phineas has a 12-seater minibus. To avoid discomfort he never carries more than 23 people. Assuming each passenger weighs 85 kg, and piles another 35 kg of luggage on the roof, he drives at 140 km/h and that his brakes are 25% efficient, what would his stopping distance be?

a)      300 m

b)      600 m

c)       10 m, as there is another passenger to pick up.




Jacob is employed as a garden boy for 1 day a week in 3 Households. Assuming that he can make a lawnmower last for 3 months, how many lawnmowers will the households have to purchase over a period of 2 years?




In standard 6, Jackson has made 4 girls in his class pregnant and another 6 from other classes. How many girls will he have made pregnant before he leaves school if he

Matriculates on his 28th birthday?




Samuel and his friends, altogether 6 of them, can each drink 35 bottles per day of Black Label before falling over.  How many SAB trucks do they need to hijack per year?

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