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South African Links

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South African History  
The following links will take you to our proud history - that is the "Boerevolk" though.  
Who fought the South African War (The Anglo-Boer War).  
An index to Wars fought in historic South Africa.  
The first War of Independance.  
South African War Virtual Library  
The unofficial SADF Page - History of the "not so long ago" wars.  
And this was the start of Apartheid.  
Before and Since the European War and the Boer Rebellion  

African Countries :  
Zimbabwe - The Countdown Begins - Zimbabwean News 

African Crisis - dose of REAL news.

Other links of (possible) interest :
Native Life in South Africa.  
Political Resources on the Net - South Africa. - Nightlife in South Africa.  
The South African Council of Curches.  
Cyber Republic of the Boernation  
News more accurate than the truth! A South African page.  
Directory of information for business, government, tourism, culture, news and events. Server in Washington DC
Chamber of Mines of South Africa.
Daily Mail & Guardian. Local Newspaper.
South Africa Online - news, humor, etc.
Roadhogs - Report roadhogs in your area.

Other of Interest

Action for AIDS Orphans
Aids and your Business - AIDS Impact on S.A. Motor Industry


The CIA Fact book on South Africa

East Coast Radio
Balancing Act News

Government Links  
The Secret Truth Commission Files  
Parliament of South Africa - Making Democracy Work (or so they say!).  
The Department of Health.  
Parliamentary Monitoring Group.  
Department of Justice & Constitutional Development  

And then there are the Unions :  
NUMSA - National Union of Metal Workers of South Africa.  
National Union of Mineworkers.  

Political Parties :  
African Christian Democratic Party  
African National Congress  
Democratic Party
Freedom Front
Government by the People Green Party  
Herstigte Nasionale Party  
Inkatha Freedom Party  
National Party  
Pan Africanist Congress  
South African Communist Party

American Conservative site (TomG Reports)


Everything you need to know about your firearm license!



Interesting "African" photo site. For the photographic enthusiast.



US Based Radio Station dealing with South African issues.

My personal links.