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Welcome to GPSA.

The Weekly update to life in post-apartheid South Africa.


GPSA Disclaimer

This disclaimer is required by South African law. I'm supposed to tell you that it's your own fault if you get offended by anything published on this website. I'm also supposed to tell you that this is a personal site with no affiliations to any political party, ethnic group and / or race. I'm supposed to tell you that whatever you read here, between the lines or otherwise is a figment of your imagination and that I had nothing to do with it. So you cannot sue me and if you're planning to, be warned - I have "connections".

You can complain to my service provider, but they also have "connections". What you have to realise is that I'm white by choice and I like getting ripped off by a black government.

The Sunday Times, Huisgenoot, Sarie and Femina don't know that I quote them on these pages. They are oblivious of my existence on the 'net and probably couldn't care less. But you're free to complain to them as well. I don't know of their "connections", so be careful. My links pages are personal favourites except for the other links page which is there to make navigation a bit easier for you without "connections". Government knows I'm here (for sure), so does the CIA, the FBI, the KGB (what's left of it) and you. Don't misuse this knowledge!

I am not responsible for gossip, lawsuits or "hits" emanating from what I write. I'm protected by our constitution on free speech which might not be relevant in certain towns, provinces, countries and the like. If that's the case, please visit the Disney site instead of mine. No, I won't provide a link to the Disney site either! And if you're from Boksburg, the Scorpions know that you're visiting this site! They're probably on their way now!

You can view, save and print this page (or any other page for that matter) for future reference (?). Sorry, the ECT bill says it's a requirement so I went out of my way to make this page compliant. If you have a problem viewing this page, maybe you should get a computer with a screen. If you have problems printing this page, check that it's switched on - it's always a good place to start.

I reserve the right to drink and smoke as much as I like while writing these pages. The same goes for the music I listen to. I declare that no minors or animals were or will be hurt during the writing of any / all these pages. Nor were any experiments conducted on the above to make this a better place. I promise to release the five hundred rats in my basement immediately and to stop feeding them the witblits and mampoer that I stoke to measure the alcohol content.

If you do not understand this disclaimer don't ask me. I'm not too sure what it means either.

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