Harties - as we know it.

This is a man-made dam about 60km's from Jo'burg. This is also the place where South Africa's first atom bomb was made. These days (actually for some time) it's been the place for the rich and famous with property prices at Peaconwood starting at R1 million.

Hidden on top of one of the lower hills, there is the place of the atom bomb.

All the technology that it took for this country to build their own weapons have been sold off to a Chinese consortium for a fraction of the price it cost to build it.

Today the buildings are open to industry for the establishment of offices and factories.

The view from the road does not do justice to the sheer size of this place.

And then just over the hill lies Hartebeespoort dam. A favourite with most Jo'burgers over weekends.

If it's fishing you like, jet-skiing or yachting, it's all here.

And the villas of the rich and famous. So many new constructions are taking place that it's hard to keep up. This area is close to the dam wall, and was one of the first settlements after the town itself.
The bridge over the wall. Coming from town side you travel through a short single lane tunnel. On the other side there are flea markets galore, specialising in all things African. And over weekends this place is a nightmare with traffic.

From 'town-side' looking out over the yacht club. Peaconwood Estate lies straight across. Constant problems with the water itself is costing the locals a bundle. But with hundreds of motorcyclists on their breakfast runs every Sunday, and every other bored Jo'burger getting some fresh air, they cannot afford the stench that sometimes just about choke the regulars.

Krugersdorp has been renamed after a tribe who used to live here. This is also the place where the mayor of Mogale City (Krugersdorp) bought an official residence.