Loftus 2004

Of course the Super 12 is in full swing here by us. Been for some time actually with some excellent rugby being played.

Through a friend and business associate I've been privileged to visit Loftus (Pretoria) on a couple of occasions, most obvious - okay, only - when the Blue Bulls (Bulls) are playing. But this is just the excuse for the bigger picture. Yes, one can have more fun than watching rugby!

Just across the parking lot (the old tennis courts) there's an establishment called the Sin Bin. In rugby terms, when one refers to the sin bin it's when a player has misbehaved to such an extent that the referee sends him off the field to cool his temper and to punish the team and player.

The Sin Bin is not unlike this rule. It's a place where punishment is meted out, voluntarily. It's the gathering place for those whose team lost and of course the victors. It's a place where people / fans can relax and reflect on the days play. It's a place where people socialize and most of all, enjoy themselves.

Needless to say, this place caters for the hungry and thirsty. Not to mention the “official” band that performs there on a regular basis. Officially they're known as Beeskraal, here they're known as Voorry.

The excuse for publishing this is to show those who don't yet know that we still know how to have fun, and of course that South Africa has some of the prettiest girls in the world!

Pre-match fun with a nice crowd before the Bulls vs. Sharks game.

And as mentioned, friend and foe get ready for the match. Some Sharks fans at the Red Heart stand.

Time for the match with the Loftus stands filled.

Enthusiasm is never in short supply with the Bulls girls circling the field continuously drumming up support for the home team.
Some Red Heart rum girls looking out for the thirsty souls in the crowd after the match.
Shark supporters trying to impress the "Lady in Red".
Local Pretoria girls having some fun.

And the next time round (Bulls vs. Warratas) mother and daughter freshening up before the game.

Most fans expected it to rain which could explain the poor turn-out. And to be save we got grandstand tickets for this one. The best rugby match I've been to with the Bulls behind at half-time (10 / 6) but coming back strong to topple the log leaders with a 4 try win.

And the Sin Bin had their own fun afterwards with a scrum competition which the local lasses and their guys won. Jacques and Robert sitting at the back, and I'm sorry to say, the rest enjoyed their victory so much that they dissapeared (having fun) before I could get their names.

As with the Red Heart rum girls, we had these beauties haunting us to support Wellington Brandy. Which we did after Jacques “blackmailed” them into a kiss on the cheek first! Needless to say, support them we did.

And to say that South Africans are a friendly bunch is an understatement. A quick pose from Greg and Carla (whom I briefly met after the picture was taken) shows that when one is having a good time, one is normally having a jolly good time.

Now won't you agree with me that South Africans are still the best!