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Please note that I have spent a lot of time getting these jokes together and publishing them for your enjoyment. I have not limited access to anything here and you are free to download them and use as you like. I would appreciate an acknowledgement of this source if you intend posting and/or republishing any of these jokes.

Mugabe Jokes (updated June 2003)
Collection of Afrikaans Jokes (August 2003)
Madam & Eve (Updated August 2003)
Politically incorrect jokes (December 2003)
Signs in Africa (Updated (August 2003)
Christmas in South Africa
America's war 1 - An SA perspective.
McDonalds in Africa.
America's war 2 - An SA perspective. 
Hanging on 'till payday - clever advertising.
Hijacker wants fuel.
Department of Home Affairs - Generic Form.
Visiting South Africa - expect this at customs.
Corruption in the SAPS.
Flying Squad - the new vehicle?
SABC's new TV test pattern.
SA taxi's, spares shop. 
What is BIG in S.A.? Unique product from Kwa-Zulu Natal. (PG) 
Hansie and the cricket scam. Fokoljob - Beggars can't be liers! On busses and crashes 
Another Hansie joke. Burglar caught himself!  
Bakkie on bakkie.  New Taxi in Cape Town.  Cape road signs. 
Transportation in Africa! Getting used to buying plastic shopping bags.   South African Revenue Services(PG)
Welcome to Africa - Actual news excerpts Lingo the South African way.  Piet van Potch (tackling a ref).
SA Sentence Construction Bigmouth American. Examination Questions 
Hospital charts - always had doubts about government hospitals!  We live in Heaven. Cape Town graffiti? 
Women and the South African Barbi (Braai)    South African culture, honesty & confused identity. The Taliban and Doctors.
You know you're in South Africa when.. Hau, Afrikaans she's better.  Genie in Soweto & Femina extracts.  
Who can you believe?  Angoni, the Chief Herbalist. The promised land. 
Togetherness Part 1   Togetherness Part 2   Clever Bongani & the teacher.
You want to know what about S.A.?  Local T-Shirts (PG)  Parliament's official language.
Typical Afrikaner joke. Formula 1 - South African team.  Which way to die?
Who's having a beer The 'bird' sports.. Righteous Winnie (who'll never go to jail).
The Bokke and the baby camel story. Definition of politics - and what it means. South African 911
Can you fit all these people in a taxi? Recipe for a blerrie mooi braai! You know you live in Jo'burg when... 
Released crime figures better? Spelling & the new government symbol.   Drinking beer & Rugby World Cup. 
The creation...  After death - which Hell? 2004 Olympics in Cape Town?
Windows 99 (for South Africa) The NEW National Anthem The New Republic of South Africa Examinations
Exam answers (Afrikaans) Only in Cape Town - lingo unique to S.A. Showing the hi-jackers how..
Even the ministry get burgled! Who is... Election promises.
The Chihuahua and the leopard. South African virusses. Boksburg Thesaurus - Computer technology
Apt sponsor for a South African taxi.  It's great to be Souf African! Crime in airports study and Afrikaans names. 
True taxi story. (PG) Curry, the Durban way. Beggar "tjooning you straight"!
Basic Rules for Driving in Gauteng ... New York New York A better life for all?
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