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The Weekly update to life in post-apartheid South Africa.

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South African scenes General, everyday shots.
Motorcycle pics Local motorcycle racing pictures (all from years ago)
Road to Durban All the way from Jo'burg

Glorious Cape Full Gallery

More Cape

Journey through the Eastern Cape - no story (full gallery) - just pictures (very big pictures).

Additional photos taken by a German colleague.

Harties Where we play (more soon).

International Air show - Pretoria 2000 More photos from AH

Waterkloof Airshow 2004

Note that the original pictures are quite big. Most of them are 1000x650. Descriptions all updated thanks to Darren. These photographs were taken by myself. Don't worry, I was impressed meself! 19 Pictures of various sizes. Enjoy!

More photos taken at Waterkloof - beware, most are BIG! Thanks Sammy for your contribution.

A day at Tarlton Raceway Fun family day at Tarlton Raceway on the West Rand with lots of private entries and nice motorcycles. Watch for some topless (and bottomless) people! 20 Pictures in total.
Ferrari Day at Kyalami Went to a "show" day at Kyalami in Midrand during 2001. I am a bit late with these pictures, but had to decide if there are some of my visitors out there who would enjoy my pics - it was "what the heck, why not". So, here are a couple of the pics. The day is an annual event organised for owners and enthusiast of these lovely cars. 25 pictures are 640x480 in size.
Johannesburg Some "distant" photos of Johannesburg - for those who haven't seen it for a while.
Loftus Having a good time at the rugby. Photos at 640x480.
FMX Motorcycle photos FMX at the Waterfront in Randburg. Photos resized to 640x 480.
Eastern Transvaal Some old, mostly new photos from this beautiful part of South Africa.
Trip to the West Coast Went back to Paternoster 2 years later - man, it's changed! All photos 800 x 600
Zwartkops Customer Day First Technology Customer Day at Zwartkops Raceway
Car Show 2004 (Nasrec) A couple of better car photos out of my collection.
AMIC Lifestyle Motorcycle Show 2005 Motorcycle photos from the show at Kyalami. Some FMX action as well.!
F1 Masters 2005 F1 Masters Grand Prix Series at Kyalami and the F1x2. Photos mostly 2048 x 1563.
Limpopo Returning to my roots - the Northern Transvaal at it's best. Photos mostly 2048 x 1563.
Western Cape 2006 Two weeks of bliss on the West Coast of South Africa with some Afrikaans music thrown in.
Wesbank Raceway Carshow This was held during June 2006. A bit disappointing with not much happening. All photos 1280 x 854 and there's 12 in total.
4X4 Ford Experience 2007 Some photos I took during an offroad course we did in Paarl.
Afrikaanse Taal Monument Added 20 June 2008 - English descriptions for the benefit of them Englishmen.
Lagoon Fest March 2009 Some pictures to show that we can have fun on the West Coast. Music Fest held in Langebaan.
Voortrekker Monument Die begin van meer (groter fotos oppad)

In memory of Monique

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