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Last update December 2015

Multimedia Jokes (May 2006)
Mugabe Jokes (updated September 2008)
Sport jokes (April 2005)
Madam & Eve (Updated January 2015)
Politically incorrect (December 2003)
Zuma Jokes(May 2009)
Malema Jokes (updated November 2010) Rugby World Cup 2007 Jokes (1 Nov 2007)
Mugabe jokes (February 2015) S.A. Signs (December 2008)  

Visiting South Africa - expect this at customs.
America's war 1 - An SA perspective.
Could it be Heaven?
America's war 2 - An SA perspective. 
McDonalds in Africa.

Hanging on 'till payday - clever advertising.
Hijacker wants fuel.
Flying Squad - the new vehicle?
We live in Heaven.
SA taxi's, spares shop. 
Unique product from Kwa-Zulu Natal. (PG)  
Transportation in Africa!
SABC's new TV test pattern. (PG)
Department of Home Affairs - Generic Form.
What is BIG in S.A.?  
Welcome to Africa - Actual news excerpts Fokoljob - Beggars can't be liars! Cape road signs. 
Another Hansie joke. Burglar caught himself! Signs (only) in Africa
Bakkie on bakkie.  New Taxi in Cape Town.  Buying education.
Hospital charts - always had doubts about government hospitals!  Getting used to buying plastic shopping bags.   Examination Questions 
Women and the South African Barbi (Braai)     Lingo the South African way.  Piet van Potch (tackling a ref).
You know you're in South Africa when.. Bigmouth American. SA Sentence Construction 
South African culture, honesty & confused identity. Hau, Afrikaans she's better.  Cape Town graffiti? 
You want to know what about S.A.?  Angoni, the Chief Herbalist.  The Taliban and Doctors.
You know you live in Jo'burg when...   Togetherness Part 1   Genie in Soweto & Femina extracts.  
Who can you believe?  Togetherness Part 2   The promised land. 
The New Republic of South Africa Examinations Local T-Shirts (PG)  Clever Bongani & the teacher.
Can you fit all these people in a taxi? Formula 1 - South African team.  Parliament's official language.
Definition of politics - and what it means. Recipe for a blerrie mooi braai!  Which way to die?
Released crime figures better? The 'bird' sports.. Parody on Durban "gold".
Who's having a beer Spelling & the new government symbol.   South African 911
Typical Afrikaner joke. Who is... 2004 Olympics in Cape Town?
  South African viruses. Drinking beer & Rugby World Cup. 
The creation...  After death - which Hell? Election promises.
Windows 99 (for South Africa) The NEW National Anthem Crime in airports study and Afrikaans names. 
Boksburg Thesaurus - Computer technology Only in Cape Town - lingo unique to S.A. Showing the hijackers how..
Even the ministry get burgled! It's great to be Souf African! Traffic police stupidity.
The Chihuahua and the leopard. Bloem boys in the big city. Mbeki - where does AIDS fit in?
Apt sponsor for a South African taxi. Do you still remember when..?  Cape Town style - Marilyn Monroe.
True taxi story. (PG) Curry, the Durban way. Communication discoveries
Spot the difference. Police brutality. The ghost car
Wrong ad? The Hijackers Union.  
SA sport through the ages. Soccer administration in South Africa. Sannie's bakkie.
Mozambique - Lion warning. Crime pays with the right "buddies"? Smiling Sipho
  The SA Gover"munt" A South African love poem (rough)
Maybe it fits better up there? Beerglasses and cats Home Affairs - is that you? 
Taking the "mickey" out of Afrikaans African roulette Blue Bulls fan in Durban.
Sipho The Ventersdorp IT Dictionary. Politically Incorrect Commandments
Sweet revenge Die woord poeselig Taxi wars
Indian or Black? Signs for criminals (courtesy of our government) BEE at home.
And you thought 10111 will make the cops come? Funny truths of life. Terrorists in S. Africa.
Photi's letter. Duties of a wife. The origin of the word "Aish".
What if other companies made condoms? Farmers transport in 2014 and traffic police mentality. Fred without the surname.
Whites rule! Zimbabwe & confusion over new names in S.A. Adam & Eve, a South African story.
Afrikaanse sÍ-goed, guns and women & Fat Cat Zuma. Feel like this about banks?

Potholes - SA style.

Sangoma sicknote "Big" sale in Cape Town. Watse kar ry jy? (Deel 1)
Strange names. Revised National Anthem. Watse kar ry jy? (Deel 2)
Wat is 'n pa - uit die mond van die suigeling. Kaapse grap and the crocodile school story Watse kar ry jy? (Deel 3)
Nogga Capey joke & Naas' dogs. The stitcher and fitter. Mugabe and the Witchdoctor. TV Pronunciation & Running Bear Moodley
How good are your brakes? Is sex work? Wally's week comic strip. Air Zimbabwe & Nando's.
See no evil. Take your chance. Signs in South Africa. What's "clearasil" supposed to do anyway!
Driving rules for Gauteng. Sprokies in skole & the blacks changing culture. Municipal workers & Immigrants.
Before cellphones and Die Boere oorlog. Togetherness the taxi driver, in London. NataniŽl en die spinnekop. Affirmative job seeker.
Capey joke & school sicknotes. Chuck-alaka & the Zuma song. Affirmative action job application.
Jou sterre. PG Class & Klaas. The elephant story. Our own Steve Hofmeyr.
Vrot eiers, Engelse vertaling & Jabu. What the cover should say about Zim! "Dog baaits" and "don't stop" signs.
If bands had Afrikaans names. An Afrikaner & Englishman talk about SA. Health Minister & Knorrox?
Fakatuur en die hond. Introduction to South Africa - words we use. A guide to TV pronunciation.
Tomb Raider - Boksburg style. Driving by yourself? Get some company. Funny signs.
South African comic strips. ANC on cannibalism & a Hummer for the SAP? Negotiating with a robber & new armed response.
South African Monopoly. Baptism & new hotel. BBB (BEE?) and the GREAT Black.
Boere IT Dictionary & Boeremag. Boksburg 2-Pac & BMW license plate. What your alcohol preference say about you!
Another Proudly South African list.. No dumping sign & Application form. Afrikaanse grappe.
Eishkom & 2010 tourist package. Revenge on the Aussies & Capey joke. Pampoen, FNB & Gautrain.
2010 Job Titles Moerse special and Jobless man. Sharks & more sharks.
Roadside repairs? - Anyone? Cricket World Cup aftermath. SARFU, medication, baboon & Absa.
Municipality complaint & Teazers? Super 14, SA Cellphone & winter is here. Misverstand, Papsak & Weedbrix.
Internal affairs & SARS making it easy. Soccer interviews, Brakpan family & Ozzie Playboy. Zulu and some more brandname rip-offs.
Souf Efrikun iengliesh & 2007 in review (already). 2010 Clip & the cow story. Children, the Plumber & Weed.
KraanvoŽl & Donkey attack. Miertjie moerig & driving in first gear. Why coloureds can't be terrorists & video "Kameeltoon".
Signs in South Africa 1 Signs in South Africa 2 Signs in South Africa 3
Afrikaanse grappe. Health Minister, the baboon & a frog smile. Red red wine
Why did the chicken? New Zim note. Neelsie. The Chainsaw. Pothole (Luanda), farm inspection & Afrikaanse Taalgebruik.
Kort Afrikaanse grappe. Rainbow Nation Men love women in leather & potjiekos. Die maande in 'n jaar (2007).
Fuel, hell and bring & braai. Brakpan girl and the Barber. Eskom announcement & crime on 2010
The jokes Eskom hate. Eskom astrology & Koeberg maintenance Crime guide, Sipho & Letter of demand.
The bull & a real man. More Eskom jokes. Dentist, productivity and direct translation.
Soek Werk & why pubs are the safest place in SA. Are we ready? Theft-proof your Golf. Rottweiler named "Jesus", gamat in court & Mugabe lyric.
Some SA T-Shirts. Pick-up lines, cake & billboard. S.A. Musiekhelde
Pryse, Dwergies & Taxi catch. Streetsigns & Vodacom job application. Xenophobia, electricity & Zim Royal Flush.
Philemon, overload & bushveld carwash. Digital editing, Zim crisis, Gatiep jokes. Typical South African pictures
South African taxi stories (PG) Interpretation and the tri-nation Springboks. Mostly Afrikaans jokes.
Gatiep, Mugabe, Zuma & Mandela Luke (puke?) Watson Malema movie, anti-hijack, Durban beach and no Zim Dollars
Hospitaal verslae & the new SA language. Christmas greetings, Mugabe and being a Catholic. Afrikaanse definisies, black Monopoly & phone call
Siphos cow, the Pope and green power. Local rugby rules A Zulu Valentine & drinkers advice.
Africa - into the wild. Mazda tough, election poster & Obama (?) Fidel Castro finished varsity before he was born?
Boer Piet se ongeluk & government T-Shirt. Jannie & Jufflou. Government job. Nandos advert and government jobs (sooo nice)
Einstein & new diving goggles. Adverts from 1978 - believe it or not... Boksburg chainsaw, doing nothing & braaipak.
Rugby according to "Helium" de Villiers & some more signs. Family outing, Police report & money for Mugabe We drink & the East Rand
Who broke down the walls of Jericho & Gumtree ad... "Asol" & Castle Malema, trust & ID Book name.
Bakkie (new SA), SABC & alcohol signs. New South African braaipacks "en gebedjie". Steve & Chuck. Fake camera trap.
Joost & Amore. DA Youth & ANCYL Comparison. Voorkom haai aanvalle, what the flag colours mean. Helmets, mad (African style) & do it now!
BMW & sjabeen in a trunk. Logic, Bafana Bafana & 'advies'. Tribal differences & short S.A. jokes.
Zuma and his "libido".... Zuma "does" the UK Houdkop, Ras & liabilities.
Gummy bears, Zim notes & traditional healer sicknote. Wrong continent, not a Boer & Blue Bulls girls? Blue Bull dedication?
Gatiep, instructions & cricket. Supermarket, bluetooth & carwash in Germiston. Rugby & soccer t-shirts that says it all.
Border patrol & new Zim banknote. Twitter shutdown, chicken strips, Google map & make-up tricks. Signs and more signs.
New Absa bond now available. Bryce Lawrence - the new champion for throwing games Revised ant & grasshopper story.
Making paper, the bull can't read & drunk "bergie" GPS required, Einstein & Windows error message. The Afrikaner & Ozzie on a train. Haircut African style.
Transportation in Africa. Tired cop, government survival kit & insurance report. Madam and Eve Book Club
Spelling, Polokwane apology and Spinnekop. Jan van Riebeeck The causes of loadshedding

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