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Untamed South Africa - U want pics? Great SA nature resource.
Art SA - Personal friends' art site.
Dorna - Motorcycle GP site.
Motorpics - Motorsport galleries / pictures
S.A. West Coast - The best I've seen with Avril! For the tourist, the casual browser and general information. Motorshow - All info on vehicles in South Africa
Mpumalanga - Great part of our country. Great drives - Explore South Africa.
Images of Cape Town - Exactly that! Motorsport South Africa - Controlling body for S.A. Motorsport.
Gordo's Cape Town & Weather Page - Linkpage to SA sites. SAGA - South African Gun Owners Association.
Africam In support of local music!!
South Africans in Canada - Forums (Afrikaans) Counters of the World.
Tactical Advantage - Self defense, firearm licensing - take your pick.  
Afrikaanse webwerf. 0

By far the best South African Search Engine with it's own forum.


Good resource for typical Africa countries jokes.

Jislaaik - South African Community site for all those who were brave enough to leave S.A.

Voetsek - Brilliant British based site with updated S.A. news, polls and jokes. Very comprehensive - strong recommendation!

South African comedy club.


South African humor


Do you know of any other great links? Please let me know!