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2010 / 2011
Soccer, JZ's wifes and the labour brokers vs Cosatu
We're ready for Fifa. The will to learn & be educated.
Zuma and an angry nation (in more ways than one)
Open letter to President Zuma.
Fifa World Cup and post. ANC not playing ball.
Malema support growing - whites should beware!
Eugene Terreblanche murdered.
Open letter from Jaap Marais - insight into Verwoerd.
Rundown to race-wars and the genocide of whites.
Soccer World Cup prelude.
Soccer World Cup - the good & the bad.
South Africa - Collapsing into a failed state (Part 1)
South Africa - Collapsing into a failed state (Part 2)
The fear of post-Mandela days.
Taxes, Malema & Mad Bob
Local elections May 2011
Our country is in the crapper


Ian Smith is laughing from his grave


The ANC runs a corrupt government - Viva the ANC
There was a crooked man
Jan van Riebeeck according to Zuma



36-jarige Paul du Toit, 'n geheime agent in die Weermag tydens die laaste jare van wit oorheerste Suid Afrika, glo hy het sy gewelddadige lewe agtergelaat.

On the Bridge

On the bridge

Set against the southern African canvas of war and upheaval is the story of the famous San soldiers who fought first for the Portuguese in Angola, then for South Africa from bases in northern Namibia.



From tributes by some of the world's best known and most outspoken philanthropists to the heartfelt words of fellow activists, this volume brings together a wealth of respect and affection for Nelson Mandela...

Wild Kruger


For over 100 years, the Kruger National Park has provided sanctuary to southern Africa's most precious asset, its wildlife, Wild Kruger pays tribute to this achievement...
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